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History is Fun for Kids!

Birthday Parties with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

Celebrate your child’s next birthday at Jamestown Settlement or the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown with a special experience they’ll never forget. Children will love the special crafts, games and hands-on activities in the party theme they choose. Each party has a dedicated museum education staff member with them throughout the party as well as use of a private room for time with family and friends.

Planning Guidelines

Basic Level

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What’s Included

Enhanced Level

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Basic Level plus.

Party Themes

Jamestown Settlement
A-maize-ing Powhatans
With the party host, children explore a Powhatan-style house, play a game to improve their powers of observation, and practice their aiming skills with corncob darts. Back in the party room, children can either trade for beads to make a bracelet or make a rattle, a simple musical instrument used by the Powhatan Indians. Craft selection is made when booking the party.

Nautical Adventure
Join your party host for a walk to the ships’ pier on the James River, where party guests will explore one of the Jamestown Settlement ships and become “old salts” as they work together to complete a sailor’s task. Nautical fun continues back in the party room as children design their own simple boats to float at home.

Under the English Banner
Travel back in time with your party host, at re-created James Fort, to see how English settlers lived, from the governor’s house to soldiers’ barracks. Girls and boys will prepare to defend James Fort by participating in a military drill. Back in the party room, children will design their own coat of arms to display in their homes.

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown
General Washington’s Army
Your party host will recruit party-goers into the Continental Army. See where you would live as a soldier, look at what you would eat, and report for your first musket drill. In the party room, children will design and make their own flags to fly at home. Children age 9-12 may select a gallery scavenger hunt instead of the craft.

Patriot Party
Visit the farm and encampment to find out what it would have been like to be a child during the Revolutionary War. Explore the garden to see what crops are being grown, and how those crops and the animals being raised would have supported the troops. Back in the party room, party goers can choose to make butter or craft their own patriot paper soldier. Children age 9-12 may select a gallery scavenger hunt instead of the craft.


Turn your party into a pizza party from the Jamestown Settlement Café. Fresh baked 6-inch personal pan pizza (cheese or pepperoni) in box, potato chips, sliced apples and chilled bottled water for $9.80 per person.

Add a Jamestown Settlement/American Revolution Museum at Yorktown party favor bag from our gift shops for $7 per child. Send everyone home with a reminder of your child’s party.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a prepaid scheduled party must be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to the event, and a $10 processing fee will be charged. If fewer than 14 days prior to the scheduled party date, the deposit is nonrefundable. Should your child become sick, hurt or unavailable on your program date, you may change to another date without penalty. You may take advantage of this rescheduling option only one time.