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Your Feedback Comment Cards Have you visited Jamestown Settlement or The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown recently? Please fill out the online comment card to let us know about your experience.

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The Sullivan Expedition of 1779

[caption id="attachment_15329" align="alignright" width="240"] Seneca Chief Cornplanter[/caption] At the onset of the American Revolution both Great Britain and the Continental Congress claimed that they hoped the American Indian nations would remain neutral, but that quickly became unrealistic. A few of the eastern tribes did support the Continental Army, but far more Indians decided to fight

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The Quartering Act of 1765

[caption id="attachment_14249" align="alignleft" width="193"] This illustration of a British soldier practicing a military drill is from “A Plan of Discipline for the Use of the Norfolk [England] Militia,” published in 1768. Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation collection.[/caption] On March 24, 1765, the British Parliament passed the Quartering Act, one of a series of measures primarily aimed at rais

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Pocahontas and the Powhatans of Virginia

[caption id="attachment_7925" align="alignleft" width="196"] From John Smith's Map of Virginia, published in 1612.[/caption] The Powhatan Indians At the time English colonists arrived in the spring of 1607, coastal Virginia was inhabited by the Powhatan Indians, an Algonquian-speaking people. The Powhatans were comprised of 30-some tribal groups, with a total population of about 14,000, unde

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Jamestown Settlement Film Portrays Convergence of Three Cultures in 1600s Virginia as Beginnings of the Nation

JAMESTOWN SETTLEMENT FILM PORTRAYS CONVERGENCE OF THREE CULTURES IN 1600s VIRGINIA AS BEGINNINGS OF THE NATION   WILLIAMSBURG, Va.--At the same time expansive new exhibition galleries opened at Jamestown Settlement in October, 2006, a new introductory film premiered in the museum theater.  “1607: A Nation Takes Root” is the story of three cultures spanning three continents. Produced by Jame

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