Search to Survive

Mobile App Game You Can Play at Jamestown Settlement


Imagine . . .

You are newly arrived to Virginia from a distant land. Your countrymen send you to live with an unfamiliar group of people. There are rumors of spies and no one can be trusted. Will you perish as a stranger in a new land, or will you live to prosper?

Do you have what it takes to survive? Download the free FreshAiR app on your own iOS or Android mobile device and join the adventure when you visit Jamestown Settlement!

The “Search to Survive” mobile app game puts the visitor in the role of a cultural intermediary. Learning about English and Powhatan cultures as they accomplish activities at each location, visitors use their discoveries to complete a mission essential to their in-game survival.

You have to be at Jamestown Settlement to play the game.

Download the app from iTunes; or Google Play.

Instructions for play:
Troubleshooting tips: