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Archaeologist John Broadwater to give an illustrated talk at Yorktown Victory Center about the August 2010 mapping of the recently-discovered Yorktown shipwreck

Department of Historic Resources
For Immediate Release
October 7, 2010

Randy Jones
Department of Historic Resources


—Archaeologist John Broadwater to give an illustrated talk at Yorktown Victory Center about the August 2010 mapping of the recently-discovered Yorktown shipwreck—

RICHMOND – One of the nation’s leading underwater archaeologists, Dr. John Broadwater, who in August conducted a survey for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources of a previously undocumented shipwreck associated with the Battle of Yorktown, will discuss his recent research findings during a presentation at the Yorktown Victory Center.

Dr. Broadwater will give his illustrated talk at 4 p.m., Saturday, October 16, during the October 16-17 Yorktown Victory Celebration weekend, which commemorates the anniversary of the 1781 battle that ended the Revolutionary War. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Titled “Yorktown Shipwrecks: 2010 Archaeology and Past Surveys,” the talk is sponsored by DHR and hosted by the Yorktown Victory Center. It offers the first public presentation of Broadwater’s research findings from August.

DHR’s underwater survey in August confirmed that a shipwreck discovered by sonar in 2008, and located near previously documented shipwrecks associated with the Battle of Yorktown, also was part of British commander Lord Cornwallis’s scuttled fleet. The survey was funded by DHR’s Threatened Sites Program, a unique state program to document archaeological sites in Virginia.

News of the discovery of another Yorktown shipwreck was carried around the world when the Department of Historic Resources (DHR) announced Broadwater’s preliminary survey findings last August.

Broadwater’s past research on the Yorktown shipwrecks, conducted during the 1970s and ‘80s also in collaboration with DHR, resulted in the assessment of nine wrecks. Those DHR surveys, which Broadwater also will discuss, generated worldwide media attention, including television documentaries, a National Geographic article, and an extensive exhibit at the Yorktown Victory Center.

The nine Yorktown shipwrecks are listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places.