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2011 Military Throught the Ages Re-Enactment Units

Military Through the Ages
March 19-20, 2011
Jamestown Settlement

Re-enactment Units 

772-804 Scara Karoli, Charlemagne’s Army
 1000 Orkneyingar Vikings,                Discovery of Vinland
 1066 House DuChasse
 1380s La Belle Compagnie
 1480 Lord Grey’s Retinue
 1500s Wild Geese Living History: The Galloglass
 1529 Das TeufelsAlpdrücken Fähnlein     (The Devil’s Nightmare Regiment)
 1690-1730 Crewe of the Archangel
 1702-13 York Privateers
 1745 The Appin Regiment
 1754-63 Rogers’ Rangers
 1775-83 Detached Hospital
 1776 The 7th Virginia Regiment of                  the Continental Line
 1781 His Majesty’s Detached Hospital in North America
 1812-15 Fort Norfolk Garrison
1861 Brooklyn Grays, Camp Lee, Va.
 1862 Tidewater Maritime Living History Association:  U.S.S. Aroostook
 1862-65 Nancy Hart Militia
 1864       3rd U.S. Regular Infantry
 1879                24th Regiment of Foot, Anglo-Zulu War
 1914-16 11th Siberian Rifles
 1915 “From Civilian to Tommy” The Instruction of the British Soldier
 1917-19 World War I U.S. Salvation Army          “Donut Dollies”
 1918              Company F, 318th Infantry, 80th Division American Expeditionary Forces
 1919-21            West Cork Flying Column
 1939-45     193 Strelkovaya Diviziya
 1941     British Army and NAAFI Canteen
 1942-45 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
 1943 4th Alpini Reggimento
 1944 I Company, 3/504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, “Operation Shingle,” Anzio, Italy
 1944 The Stray Devils
 1945                 Grenadier-Regiment 226, 79th Volks-Grenadier division, The Ardennes Offensive “Wacht am Rhine”
 1945                 51st Engineer Combat Battalion, Europe
1970       Into Cambodia
  2011                  Virginia Army National Guard 111th Field Artillery

Orkney Viking Camp, 1000.jpg


Lord Greys Retinue






USS Aroostook, Tidewater Maritime History Associates

World War I Salvation Army, 1917-1919






IR 226, German Word War II