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Virginia Classroom Outreach

Bring the museum into your classroom with a hands-on history lesson correlated with your curriculum. During our inquiry-based program students examine reproduction artifacts and primary sources and engage in historical analysis to learn standards-based historical concepts. Let us expand the lesson well beyond the textbook!

The hour-long outreach programs support the Virginia Standards of Learning and you can find related teaching resources in our Learning Center to supplement the lesson.

Jamestown Outreach Programs

Jamestown Settlement Outreach - Powhatan Indian program.

Powhatan Indian World
Students learn about Powhatan Indian culture, ways the Powhatan people used natural resources and day-to-day jobs in and around their community. Classes make a sample rope. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives 2.1, 2.3, 2.7, 2.8. Powhatan Indian World related curriculum materials.

Cultures at Jamestown
Students compare and contrast the three cultures at Jamestown as they explore how the Powhatan Indians, English and Africans exchanged knowledge, technology and ideas and how their interactions shaped American history and life in the United States today. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives VS.1, VS.2, VS.3, VS.4, USI.1, USI.3, USI.4. Cultures at Jamestown related curriculum materials.

Life at Jamestown
Students learn about reasons for English settlement in Virginia, early hardships, economic ventures, reasons the colony survived and the importance of representative government. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives VS.1, VS.3, VS.4, USI.1, USI.4. Life at Jamestown related curriculum materials.

American Revolution Outreach Programs

The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown Outreach - Life of a Private Program.

Virginia Then
Students compare and contrast colonial life during Jamestown and the American Revolution to Virginia today by analyzing clothing, tools and other reproduction artifacts from both the Powhatan and English cultures. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6. Virginia Then related curriculum materials.

From Rebels to Patriots
Students debate the causes of the American Revolution, examine key documents like the Declaration of Independence, explore the objects of everyday soldiers, and learn the roles of many Virginians who shaped the Revolution to find out how the colonists were able gain their independence from Great Britain. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives VS.1, VS.5, USI.1, USI.5, USI.6. From Rebels to Patriots related curriculum materials.

Road to Independence
Students investigate causes of the American Revolution by becoming revolutionary characters to understand how different regional perspectives, the role of economic specialization, and interdependence factored into the choices individuals needed to make at all levels in society. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives VS.1, VS.4, VS.5, USI.1, USI.5, USI.6. Road to Independence related curriculum materials.


The cost for outreach is $1.50 per student (or $1.25 if booked in addition to a museum visit). Programs are designed for an average class size and last one hour. A minimum of three classes are required to book outreach.

Colonial Days: Apprentice With the Physician
Make colonial medical practices and treatments a part of your Colonial Days programming. Our instructor arrives with a doctor’s kit full of reproduction 18th-century medical tools and remedies. Your students participate as apprentices to the physician, learning on-the-job as did many colonial doctors. Each student makes their own herbal sack to remind them what they learned about sources of medicine. Flexible schedule customized to meet your needs. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives VS.1, USI.1. $125 per day.

To book a tour or program, contact reservations:

(757) 253-4939 • (888) 868-7593 • fax (757) 253-4997 •

Return the Outreach Scheduling Form, 1 Instructor Schedule or 2 Instructor Schedule , at least 2 weeks in advance of your program to finalize your arrangements.

Consult the Outreach Checklist to prepare for our visit.