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Administrator Recommendation Instructions

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
Summer Teacher Institute
Administrator Recommendation Instructions


We are excited that your teacher has decided to apply for the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation’s Summer Teacher Institute!  This Summer Teacher Institute is funded by private donors and is offered at no cost to teachers or their school district. In order to complete their application package, we require a school/division administrator recommendation which involves response to the question below.  Please review the following information about the Institute and write a recommendation letter that answers the question below.  Completed recommendations can be e-mailed to teacher.institute@jyf.virginia.gov or mailed to:  Outreach Education, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, P.O. Box 1607, Williamsburg, Virginia  23187.

Letters of recommendation are due by March 1, 2019 for your teacher to be considered for participation in the Institute.

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation Summer Teacher Institute

Your teacher will explore the story of colonial America firsthand during four days at Jamestown Settlement living-history museums. Jamestown Settlement examines the world of America’s first permanent English settlement at Jamestown and the cultures that converged in 17th-century Virginia.

Program Highlights

Teachers will:

• Become immersed in the history of 17th-century Jamestown.
• Participate in authentic learning experiences at our living-history museum.
• Collaborate with other Virginia teachers to develop project-based learning related to the Jamestown story.
• Take home resources to use in classrooms.
• Earn up to 23 professional development points.


We receive many applications from Virginia teachers, and selection is based on the content of their application and the recommendation received from their administrator.

When writing your letter of recommendation, please answer the following question:

Why is this teacher a good candidate for the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation’s Summer Teacher Institute, and how will their participation benefit students in your district?


Thank you!