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Scouts at the Jamestown Settlement. Boy Scout programs at Jamestown Settlement and The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown support requirements for the Indian Lore, American Cultures, and American Heritage badges.  New! Girl Scout Program at the Jamestown Settlement. For details, read descriptions below. Click here for group rates.


Virginia Indians – 2.5 hours

An exploration of the Powhatan Indians of Virginia’s coastal plain starts in the exhibition galleries. In the re-created Powhatan Indian village, scouts participate in hands-on activities and demonstrations to investigate aspects of Powhatan life: use of natural resources, farming, hunting and fishing and the associated tools, home-building, tool-making and fire starting. They also learn about the Powhatan Indians of today.

In the re-created James Fort they see a matchlock musket fired and compare English weaponry and military tactics to those of the Powhatan, and learn about the tenuous relationship between the two groups. Scouts also make a stop at the re-created 1607 ships to compare English and Powhatan water travel.

This program supports requirements for the Indian Lore badge.

During this 2.5-hour program, scouts spend approximately 45 minutes in the re-created Powhatan Indian village, 30 minutes in re-created James Fort, 25 minutes at the re-created 1607 ships, 25 minutes in the galleries, plus walking time.

American Cultures – 2.5 hours

Introduces scouts to the Powhatan Indians, West Central Africans and English colonists – cultures that met and interacted in early colonial Virginia in the 17th century. In the classroom they analyze and compare reproduction artifacts and clothing from each culture and learn about their customs.

In the Powhatan Indian village, 1607 ships and James Fort they have the opportunity to compare the ways each culture met its basic needs. In James Fort they will participate in a comparative weaponry demonstration to better understand the English and Powhatan perspectives and technology.

This program supports requirements for the American Cultures merit badge.

During this 2.5-hour program, scouts spend approximately 25 minutes each in the classroom, galleries and re-created Powhatan Indian village, 1607 ships and James Fort, plus walking time.


American Heritage – 2 hours

Scouts analyze the Declaration of Independence and the events that led to the American Revolution, and choose whether they would be patriot, loyalist or neutral. They then defend their decisions in a body vote, and learn about the possible consequences of their decisions.

In the encampment they compare leaders of the Revolution to ordinary citizens who fought the war . Through hands-on activities and demonstrations they learn about shelter, food and weapons of common soldiers in the Continental Army encampment. Scouts participate in a drill and make a cartridge for the flintlock musket to take home.

In the 1780s farm, they visit the farmhouse, kitchen and tobacco barn to learn about the roles and work of the farmer, his family and enslaved people on the farm. They may take part in the farmers’ chores as they learn about the tough decisions that faced a farmer and his family at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

This program supports requirements for the American Heritage merit badge.

During this 2 hour program, scouts spend approximately 50 minutes investigating America’s founding documents and principles, and 25 minutes each in the 1780s farm and Continental Army encampment, plus walking time.


Coats of Arms – 1.5 hours

Discover clues about the status and identity of the early colonists who settled Virginia in the 1600s on this guided exploration of the Jamestown Settlement galleries. Find out how artists placed clues about family and wealth in works of art. Back in the classroom, create your own personal Coat of Arms containing clues about you! Content most suitable for upper elementary grades and above.



At Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, guided tours offer scouts the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities while learning about Virginia’s role in the creation of the United States of America. A variety of tour offerings are available to fit your troop’s age level, schedule and interests.  Choose from program offerings at Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.


At Jamestown Settlement:

Scouts participating in Life at Jamestown will assist with cooking corncakes in a 17th-century open hearth fireplace, and learn from a costumed interpreter about the weapons and military tactics used by the English to defend the colony. Recommended for youth ages 6 – 12.

Participants in Powhatan Indian World will try their hand at scraping a deer hide to prepare it for tanning, grinding dried corn in a wooden mortar and pestle, and making rope from dried plant material. Recommended for youth ages 6 – 12.

In Cultures at Jamestown the cultures of the Powhatan Indians, English and West Central Africans are compared and contrasted through role play, clothing try-on, and examination of tools and trade items that were important to each group. Recommended for youth ages 8 -14.

Home on the James, at the riverfront discovery area, scouts will compare cultures by comparing Powhatan, English and African home building techniques. They’ll make cordage from plant fibers, lash framework and use the “wattle-and-daub” method of construction to build a wall. Teams will work cooperatively to problem-solve and complete each task of construction. Recommended for youth ages 10 and up.

At the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown:

Learn about daily life on a 1780’s Tidewater farm in Colonial Life, through stories, a craft, and a cooking activity.  Recommended for youth ages 6 – 12.

Life of a Private offers participants the opportunity to try on the uniform and equipment of a Continental soldier and learn why soldiers joined the army, what they experienced in camp, on the battlefield, and when they were sick or wounded. Recommended for youth ages 8 -14.

In Yorktown Under Siege, scouts discover how the Continental Army with their French allies trapped Cornwallis at Yorktown, and how soldiers built trenches and redoubts to fend off their enemies. Scouts use counting and measuring skills to physically lay out fortifications 18th century-style, and learn how weather and physics helped seal the fate of the British army. Recommended for youth ages 10 and up.

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Groups of 15 or more require advance reservations.

Guided tour reservations required at least three business days in advance and are subject to availability. We recommend making tour reservations at least two months in advance for fall and winter trips, and up to four months in advance for trips in the spring.