2019 Military Re-enactment Units

A Chronological Timeline from 1st Century to Modern Times
Military Through the Ages Timeline


A.D. 62LEGIO IX HISPANA, Britannia
778 Scara Karoli, Charlemagne's Army
975-1000The Fenvald Vikings
1006The Army of the Uí Néill
1419La Belle Compagnie, Roles of Women in a Militarized Culture
1471Lord Grey's Retinue
1529Das TeufelsAlpdrücken, Fähnlein (The Devil’s Nightmare Regiment)
1558-1567Caislean na Cnamha
1703Crewe of the Retribution
1776The 7th Virginia Regiment
181295th Rifles, 1st Battalion, Wellington's Army
1813American Forces, Hampton Roads, War of 1812
181542nd Royal Highland Regiment, No. 3 Coy
1861-1865Norfolk Light Artillery Blues
1862Confederate States Naval Service, Marines and Sailors, Drewry's Bluff
1862Tidewater Maritime Living History Associates: USS Aroostook
1862-18652nd Corps. Field Hospital, CSA
186323rd Virginia Company D, Louisa Grays, Culpepper
18643rd U.S. Regular Infantry
187924th Regiment of Foot
1899-1902The Highland Brigade, War in South Africa
1918 Company F, 318th Infantry, 80th Division, AEF
1937Abraham Lincoln Battalion
1939-1945British Women's Land Army, WWII
1942Signals Company, Telephone Section, Panzergrenadier Regiment 115, Afrikakorps
1944USN 111th Naval Construction Battalion, Normandy, France, 1944 (D+1)
19443te Kompanie, Infantry Regiment 226, Kuban Peninsula, Russian 1943
19441st Polish Armored Division, 10th Dragoons Motorized Infantry Regiment
19441st WAC Separate Battalion, Able Company
1944Old Dominion Squadron, APS
1944First Allied Airborne Army
1944-194551st Engineer Combat Battalion
1944-194566th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division
1945HQ Company, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
1968MACV RECONDO School, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
2019 National Museum of the Marine Corps
2019U.S. Army Transportation Museum and Quartermaster Museum
2019U.S. Army Women's Museum
2019 Virginia Army National Guard, 111th Field Artillery
Sutlers/Period Merchants

Fort Vause Outfitters, 1740-1789

Burnley & Trowbridge Company, 17th-19th centuries

K. Walters at the Sign of the Gray Horse, 18th century

Knightingales and Gilson Glassblowing/Brunswick Castle Craftsmen, 18th century

MMM Fab & Forge, 18th century

Clay Smith, Master Gunsmith

Hot Dip Tin, 18th-19th centuries