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A Chronological Timeline from Fifth Century B.C. to Modern Times
Military Through the Ages Timeline


5th Century B.C.Warriors of Greece
62 A.D.ROMAN LEGIO IX, Imperial Rome
800 Scara Karoli, Charlemagne's Army
1000The Fenvald Vikings
1400La Belle Compagnie, Training for War: Hunting
1471Lord Grey's Retinue
1529Das TeufelsAlpdrücken, Fähnlein (The Devil’s Nightmare Regiment)
1642-1651Laghtnan's Regiment of Foote, English Civil War
1670-1730Crewe of the Archangel
1745-1746 The Appin Regiment, Scottish Jacobite Rising
1775-1783The 7th Virginia Regiment
1781British Royal Artillery, Yorktown, Colonial National Historical Park
18063me’ d’Ligne Grande Armee’, Napoleon Bonaparte
181295th Rifles, 1st Battalion Penninsular War
1812-1815Fort Norfolk Garrison
1815No. 3 Coy, 42nd Royal Highland Regiment
1862Company K, 3rd U.S. Regular Infantry, Peninsula Campaign
1862CS Naval Service, Camp of Instruction, Drewry's Bluff
1862Tidewater Maritime Living History Associates: USS Aroostook
June 1863Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, 1861-1865
March 1865The Keysville Guards, Charlotte County, VA.
187924th Regiment of Foot, Anglo-Zulu War
1900Siege of Peking and Relief Forces, China, Boxer Rebellion
1916The Battle of Ashbourne, Easter Rising & The Fingal Volunteers, Royal Irish Constabulary
April 1917U.S. Salvation Army
1917 1st Canadian Tunneling Company, Messine Ridge
1917-19188 Kompagnie, Infanterie Regiment Nr. 459, Ypres, Belgium
1918Company F, 318 Infantry, 80th Division, AEF
1936-1939Tom Mooney Machine Gun Company of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion with American Medical Bureau, Frente Rojo
1939-1945 British Women's Land Army
March 1944WWII Army Air Forces Old Dominion Squadron
19423te Kompanie, IR226 Operation Barbarossa, The German Invasion of Soviet Russia Belgorod
1944 N.A.A.F.I. Mobile Canteer
1944Mortar Platoon, 2nd Parachute Battalion, Arheim, Holland
1944-1945 51st Engineer Combat Battalion
May 19451st Canadian Parachute Battalion
1950-1951 27th Infantry Regiment "Wolfhounds," Korean War
1966-1970 MACV RECONDO School, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
2016National Museum of the Marine Corps
2016Virginia Army National Guard, 111th Field Artillery
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