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Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Day Schedule of Events
May 13, 2017

Jamestown Settlement Susan Constant, Godspeed and DiscoveryAll Day: Explore Museum Galleries. An introductory film and expansive gallery exhibits, featuring more than 500 artifacts and new interactive displays, tell the Jamestown story in the context of the Powhatan Indian, English and African cultures that converged in the 1600s.

All Day: Living-History Interpretive Demonstrations. Visit the re-created Powhatan Indian village, 1607 ships and colonial fort where costumed historical interpreters present hands-on programs and demonstrations, including canoe-making, navigation and matchlock musket-firing.

10 a.m.: Godspeed Sets Sail. An artillery salute from the ships’ pier signals the departure of Godspeed, one of Jamestown Settlement’s replica ships, from the ships’ pier to demonstrate sailing maneuvers in the James River through mid-afternoon. (Weather permitting.)

10:30 a.m.-12 noon and 1-3 p.m.: Period Games. In the riverfront discovery area, join in the fun and games of the 17th century, including hoop rolling, bowling and quoits.

10:30-11:30 a.m. and 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Trade Between Cultures. In the re-created Powhatan Indian village, learn about trade in the 17th century between the Powhatan Indians and the English settlers and the challenges of communicating between the two cultures.

11 a.m.: Settler Survival. Do you have what it takes to keep the new colony alive and healthy? In the re-created colonial fort, learn the duties required of settlers in the early days of Jamestown under the “Lawes Divine Morale and Martial.”

12 noon: Comparative Weapons. Behind re-created colonial fort, discover the advantages and disadvantages of 17th-century Powhatan and English weapons.

1 p.m.: Celestial Navigation. Take a noon sighting to learn how English sailors navigated across the ocean in the 17th century.

Jamestown Settlement Powhatan Indian village cooking2 p.m.: Defending the Colony. In the re-created colonial fort, join in a military drill to experience the training of an early settler.

3 p.m.: A Sea Grammar. At the ships’ pier, try some of the skills necessary to be a 17th-century mariner.

4 p.m.: Comparative Fire-starting. Could you start a fire with friction or flint? In the re-created Powhatan Indian village, see and learn how the Powhatan Indians and English settlers each started fires 400 years ago.

Visiting Jamestown Settlement

Admission to Jamestown Settlement, open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, is $17.00 for adults and $8.00 for ages 6 through 12, and free for children under 6. Residents of James City County, York County and the City of Williamsburg, including College of William and Mary students, receive complimentary admission with proof of residency.

For more information about Jamestown Settlement, call (888) 593-4682 toll-free or visit historyisfun.org.