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Artillery Through the Ages

Enjoy hands-on artillery programs and demonstrations that compare artillery pieces from the 17th to 20th centuries and individual gun crews. Indoor educational programs explore General Henry Knox, Continental Army’s chief of artillery, and basic artillery fundamentals. Event complements June 10 opening of “Blast from the Past: Artillery in the War of Independence” special exhibition. More

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Blast from the Past: Artillery in the War for Independence

Special exhibition opens June 10, 2018 As the final victory of the American Revolution, the 1781 Siege at Yorktown is known for the use of artillery by General George Washington's Continental Army. Through interactive elements and artifact displays, this special exhibition examines American, French and British artillery used on all fronts of the American Revolution. Discover a range of topics fro

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Liberty Celebration

Salute the 242nd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Observe artillery firings drills, take part in a variety of military exercises, and see a rare July 1776 broadside of the world-changing document surrounded by the signatures of those who proclaimed America's independence. More

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American Indian Intertribal Powwow

Join in a two-day celebration of song, dance and storytelling, featuring American Indian tribes.

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Yorktown Victory Celebration

Military life and artillery firings mark the 237th anniversary of America’s momentous Revolutionary War victory at Yorktown on October 19, 1781.  Enjoy hands-on activities, military music and re-enactors. October 19 commemorative events take place in Historic Yorktown and at Yorktown Battlefield.

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