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TENACITY: Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia

Special exhibition opens November 10, 2018 Explore captivating and little-known personal stories of the women in Jamestown and the Virginia colony and their tenacious spirit and impact on a fledgling society. Discover the struggles that women faced in the New World and their contributions, from the arrival of the first English women in Virginia in 1608 and the Powhatan Indian women they encounter

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African Cultural Heritage Month

The first Africans, captured in west central Africa and brought to Virginia in 1619, came from a rich Angolan civilization. Visitors can compare Angolan culture with that of the English and Powhatan Indians they encountered in Virginia through interactive education programs in the museum galleries accompanied by engaging visuals and music.

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After Angelo: Celebrating Black Women in America

Angelo is the first African woman mentioned by name in the historical record at Jamestown. On February 23 at Jamestown Settlement, her legacy and African women in Virginia are honored with music, dramatic performance and historical presentations in celebration of African-American women from 1619 to today. An evening ticketed concert performance will accompany this event. More

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Tenacious Women Lecture: “Pocahontas and American Indian Women in Cultural Context”

In conjunction with the "TENACITY: Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia" special exhibition, Dr. Karenne Wood, director of Virginia Indian Programs at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, explores two very different stories of American Indian women, Pocahontas and Mary Jemison. The public lecture is free and begins at 7 p.m. in Jamestown Settlement's Robins Foundation Theater.  

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Military Through the Ages

At Jamestown Settlement's "Military Through the Ages," re-enactors and modern-day units show how uniforms, weapons and military tactics evolved through the centuries. Experience a chronological display of military history with weekend artillery firings and a Sunday military pass-in-review. This year’s event offers a special salute to women in the military. More

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