Search to Survive

Imagine . . . You are newly arrived to Virginia from a distant land. Your countrymen send you to live with an unfamiliar group of people. There are rumors of spies and no one can be trusted. Will you perish as a stranger in a new land, or will you live to prosper?

The “Search to Survive” mobile app game puts the visitor in the role of a cultural intermediary. Learning about English and Powhatan cultures as they accomplish activities at each location, visitors use their discoveries to complete a mission essential to their in-game survival.

You have to be at Jamestown Settlement to play the game.

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American Revolution Museum at Yorktown Mobile App Tours

Planning a visit to the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown?  Be sure to check out our interactive gallery tours, available for android and iPhone.  Choose from four themes:  patriot, loyalist, women or a tour just for kids.  Download from home or at the museum.

Each tour features stops that encourage users to make personal connections with people of the American Revolution.  Begin by learning about an artifact, object or exhibit and then explore each topic further through videos, dramatic readings, imagery and primary sources.  Use the 3D gallery map to navigate through the tour.  Kids tour participants engage in fun activities throughout the tour and become spies if they successfully complete their mission.

Download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Virginia History Trails

History Trails appVirginia History Trails is an easy-to-use app that puts 400 years of Virginia and American history at your fingertips. Using your phone’s GPS feature, Virginia History Trails turns your immediate surroundings into a live history lesson. You can click anywhere on the map under the “Near Me” category and instantly get an in-depth description of dozens of sites in your vicinity, along with explanations of their importance to Virginia’s history.


Download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.