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American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

New exhibition galleries, films and museum name debut October 15

[caption id="attachment_20309" align="aligncenter" width="658"] The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown achieved a crucial milestone with the October 15 public debut of an introductory film, permanent exhibition galleries, interactive exhibits and the new museum name. Throughout the immersive 22,000-square-foot exhibition space, visitors admired a coronation portrait of King George III, a July

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Portrait of Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford – Loyalist, Scientist – Installed in Galleries

  Senior Curator Sarah Meschutt works with a mount-maker on September 1 to install a portrait of Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, in the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown exhibition galleries.  Born in Massachusetts, Thompson was a Loyalist who emigrated from America and had a successful career as a scientist and inventor in Britain and on the Continent, where he was made a count in 1

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Films and Interactives Tested to Prepare for Public Debut of American Revolution Museum at Yorktown Exhibition Galleries on October 15

Films and interactives are tested in preparation for the public debut of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown galleries on October 15.  Shown clockwise, “The Siege of Yorktown” unfolds in an experiential theater with a 180-degree surround screen.  Among computer interactives are Personal Stories of the Revolution, which incorporates a personality quiz, and Battles of the Revolutionary Wa

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Test Placement of Artifacts Precedes Permanent Installation

[caption id="attachment_19435" align="aligncenter" width="658"] Test installation of artifacts in display cases is underway in the permanent exhibition galleries. Pictured on August 1, in the first case visitors will encounter as they enter the galleries, are (top to bottom) a British Pattern 1742 land service musket dated 1741, a circa 1745 French Model 1728 (St. Etienne) musket, a circa 1750 ear

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Construction Progresses on Revolution-era Farm and Visitor Amenities Buildings

[caption id="attachment_19390" align="aligncenter" width="658"] A log kitchen with an attached brick chimney a is taking shape at the Revolution-era farm site (top image). Construction also is underway on a visitor amenities building located next to the farm. One section of the amenities building will be accessible from the farm, the other from a future picnic area and visitor parking. Photographe

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Gallery Exhibit Space Taking Shape

[caption id="attachment_19182" align="aligncenter" width="658"] Photographs of the exhibition galleries on June 30, 2016, present a view of the Declaration of Independence exhibit from inside the tent-like theater where the “The First Great Victory” will be shown, and exhibit space where a life-size statue of George Washington that once stood in the U.S. House of Representatives will be placed.[/c

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Special Effects Testing in Siege Theater

[caption id="attachment_18930" align="aligncenter" width="658"] Special effects testing is underway on June 16, 2016, in the “The Siege of Yorktown” experiential theater located within the permanent exhibition gallery space. During the eight-minute film, the audience will experience smoke, wind, smells (gunpowder, sea water and coffee), and rumbling seats.[/caption]

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Eagle Sculpture Crowns Yorktown Museum Building Entrance

[caption id="attachment_18699" align="aligncenter" width="658"] “Freedom’s Sentinel,” an 18-foot-wide, 500-pound sculpture depicting an eagle mantling two eaglets between its outspread wings, has been installed on the pediment crowning the main entrance of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown building and is on public view as of May 20, 2016. The work was sculpted by nationally prominent art

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Life-cast figures in place

[caption id="attachment_18586" align="aligncenter" width="658"] Several of the figures created by EIS Studio for gallery settings, photographed on May 9, 2016, are in place – a cargo handler and foundry worker in a wharf setting in “The Changing Relationship – Britain and North America” section, and occupants of re-created room interiors in the “Revolution“ section.[/caption]

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French cannon tube in production

[caption id="attachment_18500" align="aligncenter" width="658"] This full-scale model of a French siege cannon tube, 10 feet in length, shown in production at Turner Sculpture on April 7, 2016, will be displayed outside the Siege of Yorktown experiential theater in the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown galleries.[/caption]

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