Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

As of July 1, 2019

The Honorable M. Kirkland Cox, Chairman
The Honorable Janet D. Howell, Vice Chairman
Mr. Frank B. Atkinson, Treasurer

Sue H. Gerdelman, Secretary

The Honorable Stuart W. Connock, Chairman Emeritus
The Honorable H. Benson Dendy III, Chairman Emeritus

Mr. A. Marshall Acuff, Jr.
Chief Stephen R. Adkins, Sr.
Mrs. Anedra W. Bourne
Mr. John T. Casteen III
Mr. Timothy P. Dykstra
The Honorable Justin E. Fairfax
Mr. Clifford B. Fleet
Ms. Suzanne O. Flippo
The Honorable Emmett w. Hanger, Jr.
The Honorable Mark R. Herring
The Honorable Daun S. Hester
Mr. A.E. Dick Howard
The Honorable Riley E. Ingram
Mr. Reginald N. Jones
The Honorable S. Chris Jones
Professor Ervin L. Jordan, Jr.
The Honorable Barry D. Knight
Mr. Paul D. Koonce
The Honorable Ryan T. McDougle
The Honorable Delores L. McQuinn
Dr. Cassandra L. Newby-Alexander
The Honorable Stephen D. Newman
The Honorable Thomas K. Norment, Jr.
The Honorable Ralph S. Northam
The Honorable Christopher K. Peace
The Honorable Kenneth R. Plum
The Honorable Brenda L. Pogge
The Honorable Atif Qarni
The Honorable Frank M. Ruff, Jr.
The Honorable Christopher P. Stolle
Ms. Susan R. Swecker
Mr. Fred D. Thompson, Jr.
The Honorable R. Lee Ware
Mrs. Judy F. Wason

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Inc.

As of July 1, 2019

Mr. Clifford B. Fleet, President
The Honorable John H. Hager, Vice President
Mr. Brian T. Fields, Treasurer
Mrs. Mari Ann Banks, Secretary
Mrs. Sue H. Gerdelman, Immediate Past President

Mrs. Carolyn S. Abbitt
Ms. Bentley R. Andrews
Mr. Gordon C. Angles
Mr. Hunter A. Applewhite
Mrs. T.J. Cardwell
Ms. Helen Zadarlik Cousins
The Honorable M. Kirkland Cox
Mrs. Keith B. Dubois
Mr. R. Allan Finger
Mr. Terry E. Hall
Mr. Herbert V. Kelly, Jr.
Dr. James W. Rawles, Jr.
Mr. Brian K. Skinner
Mrs. Alexis N. Swann
Mr. Thomas H. Tullidge, Jr.
Ms. Victoria Vasques
Dr. H. Alexander Wilson III


Christy S. Coleman, Executive Director
Peter J. Armstrong, Senior Director of Museum Operations & Education
Susan K. Bak, Senior Director of Marketing & Retail Operations
Julie Westhafer Basic, Senior Director of Development
Frank N. Stovall, Deputy Executive Director of Administration
Kathy J. Spangler, Executive Director of 2019 Commemoration