About JYF

About the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

The mission of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation is to educate and to promote understanding and awareness of Virginia’s role in the creation of the United States of America. The Foundation, accredited by the American Association of Museums, is an educational institution of the Commonwealth of Virginia and administers two living-history museums. Jamestown Settlement interprets the cultures of 17th-century colonial Jamestown, America’s first permanent English settlement, and the Powhatan Indians. The The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown interprets the impact of the American Revolution on the people of America and the development of the new nation.

The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees. The Code of Virginia calls for the board of trustees to consist of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Education, members from the General Assembly, citizens of the Commonwealth appointed by the Governor, the president of the private affiliate Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Inc., and individuals elected by the board of trustees. Delegate Vincent F. Callahan, Jr., and Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr., currently serve as co-chairmen of the board of trustees.

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Inc., coordinates private fund development in support of Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation programs. The Foundation, Inc., is administered by a board of directors consisting of no more than 30 members, including at least three but no more than seven members of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation’s board of trustees, as well as the trustees’ chairman. The president of the Foundation, Inc., is A. Marshall Acuff, Jr.

The Foundation’s operating budget in FY 2006-07 totals $18.9 million. General funds appropriated by the General Assembly comprise 57 percent of the operating budget, while non-general funds, which consist substantially of admissions revenue, account for the remaining 43 percent. An additional $26.2 million ($16.6 million in state support) was approved in the 2006-08 biennium for capital and maintenance reserve projects. In 2005, gift shop sales generated more than $640,000 in net revenue. In FY 2005-06, a total of 2,887 corporate, foundation and individual donors provided cash or in-kind gifts totaling $3,536,652 to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Inc. The endowment amounted to $3.5 million.

Combined paid visitation on site was 599,034 in 2005 – 431,361 at Jamestown Settlement and 167,673 at the The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Visitors to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation museums contributed an estimated $101 million to the Williamsburg area (Historic Triangle) economy.

The Foundation employs 217 full-time staff and up to 350 part-time staff, the number varying by season, in five management divisions: Museum Operations & Education; Marketing & Retail Operations; Development; Executive Office; and Administration (Facilities Management, Finance, Human Resources). Nearly 1,000 volunteers provided 41,832 hours of service to all areas of the Foundation’s programs and activities in 2005.

During the 2005-06 academic year, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation programs served 318,780 students through hands-on sessions and guided tours at both museums and in outreach settings. Structured education programs at the two museums served 206,580 school participants. Outreach education programs were presented to 112,200 students, including students in 122 of Virginia’s 132 school districts. The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation outreach education programs are endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies, the nation’s leading association of social studies educators.

The portion of the collection related to the Jamestown Settlement theme is comprised of approximately 67,700 archaeological and non-archaeological objects reflecting Jamestown’s English origins, the early colonial period, the American Indian culture of southeastern Virginia and the African culture that arrived in Virginia in the 17th century. Included are 16th- and 17th-century documents, portraits, engravings, navigational instruments, tools, furnishings and household items. The portion of the collection related to the The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown is comprised of approximately 1,100 artifacts mainly of the 18th century, including documents, paintings, engravings, military equipment, nautical objects, medical tools, clothing, personal effects and household objects. The Foundation continues to build its collection by acquiring new artifacts at both museums to support its educational mission.

Events are under way to commemorate the 400th anniversary of America’s first permanent English colony at Jamestown in 2007. In 1996, the Virginia General Assembly designated the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation as “the official entity of the Commonwealth” in planning and implementing the Jamestown quadricentennial observance. The Jamestown 2007 Steering Committee, created by the Foundation, is working with state, local and federal government entities, educational and preservation organizations, and citizen groups to plan a statewide commemoration that will heighten national awareness of Virginia’s critical role in the development of America.

For information about employment or volunteer opportunities with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, visitwww.jamestown-yorktown.state.va.us .

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