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Choose a video category below to learn more about Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center.

Video Categories

DIY – History

Do-It-Yourself videos explore products of the 18th-century.

Trouble Brewing

Trouble is brewing in Britain’s North American colonies!

Color To Dye For

Color is the spice of life, and 18th-century colonists thought so too. Discover the importance of richly colored clothing in colonial times.

Anna’s Adventures

This kid's video series features action-packed history adventures!

Eighteenth Century Tobacco Economy

Learn about the tobacco-based economy of 18th-century Virginia and other southern colonies.

The Economics Of Jamestown

Investigate the economy of 17th-century Jamestown through inquiry with historical interpreters at Jamestown Settlement.

The Story of the Sea Venture

Learn about the voyage of the Sea Venture.