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Choose a video category below to learn more about Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center.

Video Categories

DIY – History

Do-It-Yourself videos explore products of the 18th-century.

Trouble Brewing

Trouble is brewing in Britain’s North American colonies!

Color To Dye For

Color is the spice of life, and 18th-century colonists thought so too. Discover the importance of richly colored clothing in colonial times.

Anna’s Adventures

This kid's video series features action-packed history adventures!

Yorktown Chronicles

Enter the world of Generals Charles Cornwallis and George Washington.

Jamestown Chronicles

Meet some of the men and women who shaped Jamestown's history.

Eighteenth Century Tobacco Economy

Learn about the tobacco-based economy of 18th-century Virginia and other southern colonies.

Jeremiah Greenman

Learn about the hardships facing Jeremiah Greenman, an American soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Discovering Jamestown

A series of five educational videos about Jamestown created by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation and WHRO.

The Economics Of Jamestown

Investigate the economy of 17th-century Jamestown through inquiry with historical interpreters at Jamestown Settlement.

Educational Adventures: Onsite & Outreach Experiences

Discover how exciting hands-on history can be for you and your students!

Summer Teacher Institute

Summer Teacher Institute For Virginia School Teachers K-12