Life at Jamestown

In 1607 the Virginia Company of London established a colony in Virginia primarily as an economic venture. They named the colony Jamestown, after King James I of England.  Learn about early settlement life, the colonists’ struggles, how the colony survived and the first representative assembly in English North America.

Background Essay

Life at Jamestown – Essay

Lesson Plans and Resources

How do we know what we know? Analyzing Words
• Life at Jamestown – Period Quotes
• Life at Jamestown – Word Analysis Worksheet

Constructing a Jamestown Timeline
• A Jamestown Timeline

Laws at Jamestown – Making Decisions
• Lawes, Divine, Morall and Martiall, etc. handout
• Laws at Jamestown – Making Decisions Worksheet
• Laws from the General Assembly of Virginia Handout
• The Virginia Company of London – Background Essay
• Company Charters and Challenges – Background Essay
• The Great Charter and First Assembly – Background Essay

The Economics of Tobacco – A News Interview
• Early Industries –  Essay
• Tobacco and Labor –  Essay
• The Economics of Tobacco –  Worksheet
• The Economics of Tobacco – Period Quotes

Leadership at Jamestown
• Leadership Worksheet
• The Life of John Smith – Background Essay
• Powhatan’s Challenge and Opechancanough’s Action – Background Essay

Evaluating the Impact of People and Events – Designing a Magazine Cover
• Key Jamestown People and Events
• Evaluating Key Jamestown People and Events Worksheet
• Cultures at Jamestown – Background Essay
Young Pocahontas Biography
John Smith Biography
Angela Biography
Women – Brief Essay
• Tobacco and Labor – Essay