Military Through the Ages

March 21-22, 2015 at Jamestown Settlement

Medieval times at MTAWitness the evolution of military power through the centuries on March 21 and 22, when re-enactors depicting soldiers throughout history come together for Jamestown Settlement’s time-honored “Military Through the Ages.” This chronological display of military history has been held each year since 1984 at Jamestown Settlement history museum.

In the course of one weekend – from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday – visitors will experience the past and present as re-enactors show how uniforms, weapons and military tactics evolved throughout the centuries.The event also showcases a variety of military vehicles and equipment. Visitors are encouraged to interact with re-enactors to learn how soldiers throughout time dressed and armed themselves, as well as how they were fed and housed in times of war.

3rd US tin whistle-fiddleIn 2015, the weekend event will feature comparative artillery firings and musical military performances spanning five centuries.

Re-enactors will portray soldiers and military encounters from Roman times, the medieval period, Hundred Years’ War, War of the Roses, French and Indian War, American Revolution, War of 1812, and American Civil War. Re-enactors depicting World Wars I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War will take visitors through the 20th century. The Virginia Army National Guard will represent the present.

Virginia Army National Guard at MTAA cannon salute aboard the Susan Constant on Saturday will mark the beginning of a children’s parade on the ships’ pier. There, the Honor Guard will lead young troops through the re-created colonial fort and campsites to formally present ribbons to each of the participating military units. A posting of unit colors, followed by a closing ceremony, will take place at 3 p.m. Sunday.